Process FAQ

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  • Additional Pets

    • $25-35 extra per pet, depending on the size of the piece.
  • Payment

    I do not require a deposit, just payment in full before delivery/pick up. If you wish to pay ahead of time you may.

    I accept checks, money orders, cashier's checks, or PayPal. If the painting needs to be sent through the mail I package myself. I'll let you know the cost and once I receive payment+shipping in full, I will ship out ASAP.

  • My Process

    • I work from your clear, close up photos.
    • I take good care of original photos and will return to you.
    • I can combine pets from separate photos onto one canvas.
    • I paint the sides of the canvas as well to give the piece a more finished look.
    • I also put on a coat of protective varnish.
  • Your Involvement

    You can send photo(s) online to [email protected] or via snail mail to my home address. If you like you can give me a background idea, color, or scene. You may want to look at the colors of the room where the piece would hang, or you could go back to my gallery and peruse the different colors there, or you may want to leave it up to me. I would also like to know your pet's name, an email address, and your phone number. I will only call if I can't get to you through email or Facebook.

  • Let's Do This!

    If you decide you want to do this I will put you in my commission queue and keep you posted as to the start date of your piece. A good way to keep track of queue is to "like" my facebook page Ashley Beech Reid's Pet Portraits. I post the progress of paintings, where the donation is going, and who's up next.

    I work fairly quickly.

    I usually finish in two to three days...a day or two longer for larger, more complex pieces.

    If you don't have the money for the commission in hand when I'm ready to begin then PLEASE ask to be postponed until you do.

  • Gift Certificates

    I do have gift certificates which I can personalize for a special occasion.

    Once the certificate is purchased I would put the person in my queue and contact them when their # was getting close to start time. With a GC the person can be involved in the creative process, pick the photo they want, choose the background color, etc.

    These are ideal if you wanted to give someone the gift of a portrait but did not have access to photos of the pet or if you have a particular date in mind...birthday, holiday...and it is too late to finish a portrait in time.

  • Still Have Questions?

    If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Please pass along my website to any pet loving friends you may have!

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